In this highly modern technologically advanced era, Apple products have definitely become our apple of an eye, and this is because Apple products have always been providing the high quality and unimaginable functions to their users. And hence, they are the one of the world’s largest information technology company. An Apple company designs, develops, manufactures and sells several products like PC or desktop computers, computer software’s, Mac laptop, the OS X operating systems, TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, respective accessories etc.

Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak together established an Apple company on 1st April 1976 and in the following next year, an Apple got incorporated on 3rd January, 1977. The logo of an Apple company is an apple with a bite, so that it would not be confused with any other fruit like cherry. In the advertising area, Apple has come up with various exciting, popular and elegant slogans like – ‘Byte into an Apple (first slogan)’, ‘Think Different’, ‘Say Hello to iPhone(for iPhone)’ etc.

Mac - Mac is a short form for Macintosh, which has several different models like – iMac (introduced in 1998) which is a Consumer all-in one desktop computer; Mac Mini (introduced in 2005) which is a Consumer sub-desktop computer and server; MacBook Pro (introduced in 2006) which is a Professional notebook; Mac Pro (introduced in 2006) which is Workstation desktop computer; MacBook Air (introduced in 2008) which is a Consumer ultra-thin and ultra-portable notebook. In addition various accessories are also provided for Mac like – Magic Mouse, Wireless keyboard, Battery Charger, Thunderbolt Display, Magic Trackpad etc.

iPad - Basically, an iPad is the Apple’s tablet, which was introduced on 27th January, 2010. An iPad offers several multi- touch interactions / functions with the multimedia formats which includes functions like - word processing documents, spreadsheets, eBooks, textbooks, newspapers, magazines, video games, photos, music, movies, TV shows videos, various iPhone applications etc. Then came the iPad 2 with two cameras on the front and back and with a faster processor on 2nd March, 2011. After a year on 7th March, 2012, Apple came up with the third generation iPad, which was marketed as ‘The New iPad’. Then came the fourth generation iPad, which was marketed as – ‘iPad with Retina Display’, which was upgraded with the A6X processor. Later on the iPad Mini was also introduced in the market, with a 7.9 inch display which bought smiles on the innumerable apple users.

iPod - The Apple’s digital music player stepped into the market on 23rd October, 2011. The several variants of the Apples iPod are – iPod Shuffle (introduced in 2005) which is an Ultra-portable digital audio player; iPod Nano (introduced in 2005) which is a portable media player; iPod Touch (introduced in 2007) which is also a portable media player that runs iOS; iPod Classic (introduced in 2001) which is available in 160 GB model and is also portable.

iPhone – The iPhone is the lightest and the thinnest iPhone with an ultra fast wireless technology, faster chip, 8MP iSight Camera and last but not the least with a larger display.  A magnificent 4 inch Retina display helps to see everything so distinguished, illustrious, vivid and splendid making a wonderful experience. The Ultra fast wireless i.e. Wi-Fi helps to browse, download and stream content at unimaginable speeds on the network. An iPhone also consists of a powerful A6 chip which is powerful and are two times faster. In short, iPhone is a sleek, thin, very capable and amazingly speedy phone which also provides long and outstanding battery life.

iTunes – Basically, an iTunes is a free app that is  completely redesigned to help you browse and organize your entertainment packs i.e. it  is the most easiest way to enjoy the music, films, apps and books by adding it to your collection and playing it anywhere. Thus iTunes add spice and spark to your lives by making a wonderful experience which lets you to do several activities like -exploring, shopping, listening, watching, reading, playing and many more.

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